Knife Roller Ginning Machine | Object | Function | Working

knife roller ginning machine

Knife Roller Ginning

Knife Roller Ginning is mainly used for the short-medium length of fibres 0.7” to 1.7” (Indian Cotton). Separation of fibres from seeds. Knife Roller Ginning Machine is widely used in India. Knife Roller Ginning machine is also known as Roller Gin Machine Continue Reading


Basic Important Textile Definitions – Click Me Textile

Textile Definitions

Textile Definitions

Textile Definitions of Fibres: –


  1. Fibre: – Fibre is defined as a unit of matter having hair like structure with a length atleast 100 times greater than the width, but for good spinning, L/D ratio should be greater than 1000.
  2. Textile fibre: – Those fibres which can be spun into yarn or made into a fabric by interlacing & interloping. Textile fibre should have a ratio of (L/D) more than 1000.
  3. Staple fibre: – It is the name given to the fibre of limited fibre to make a continuous length of yarn. Staple fibre has to be twisted together. The staple fibre can be of 1 cm to many cms.
  4. Filament: – A filament is a continuous strand of fibre with longer length then staple fibre. All man-made fibres are in filament form, which can be cut into small variable lengths to make man-made staple fibre for spinning but only one natural fibre is filament that is ‘silk’.

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Cotton Ginning | About | Object | Definition | Types | Parts | Operation

Cotton Ginning - Gin Stand

About Cotton Ginning

Cotton Ginning is the process of separating Fibres from seeds without any injury during the process. If fibres damage it will turn into short fibres. Which are always in desirable & if seeds damaged then they form fine particles as impurities which will be more difficult to remove. Continue Reading


Yarn Manufacturing Process | Spinning Process Flow Chart | Machine Sequence

Yarn Manufacturing Process, Spinning Process, Spinning Machine Flow Chart, Spinning Machine Sequence


About Yarn Manufacturing Process Sequence

In this article, you have to read about some yarn manufacturing process of spinning department. Spinning process is important for converting Textile Fiber into Yarn. We have many methods of spinning mill to convert different type of yarn for different types of fabrics. In this article, I will show you yarn manufacturing process of carded cotton, combed cotton, carded wool & combed wool. Continue Reading


Independence Day – Every Buddy Read It Once

independence day 15 august

Independence Day

Hy Friends, This is Himanshu Jain, I am glad to say a very Happy Independence Day to all …….

In this day India got its freedom from the British Rule on 15th of August, 1947. Therefore, we celebrate Independence Day on 15th August every year. There is national holiday and Celebration on Independence Day. Continue Reading

Textile News

Textile Industry  News – Handloom Day is a good opportunity to stop and ask – why can’t we build on our unique strengths instead of blindly copying dominant trends?

Textile Industry  News – Handloom India has the world’s largest number of handloom weavers and an extremely rich heritage of handloom products. Until only a few decades ago, we also had the most diverse cotton varieties, providing the most suitable raw material for handloom weaving. Continue Reading


Ring Frame | Object | Function | Formula’s | Main Parts

ring frame, ring spinning, ring frame machine

Introduction Ring Frame


Ring Frame is a Spinning Machine. Ring Frame is also known as Spinning frame. In the Spinning Mill, Spinning Machines are processing to converting Fiber in a Yarn. In this process, we need a help of some frame machine. In spinning mill Ring frame is the one of the best and useful Machine that can convert roving into a yarn. In Ring   Spinning some processes are done by the help of some techniques and machine. And today we talk about those techniques and process of ring spinning. Continue Reading


Working principle of Roving frame /Speed Frame/ Simplex /Flyer frame

Roving Frame Machine , Simplex Machine, Speed Frame Machine, Flyer Frame

Roving frame Working principle

Working principle of Roving frame: – Draw frame sliver is presented to the Roving frame in large cans about 18”*4.5”.

The cans are arranged behind across the width of the machine in 4 rows. There is guide roller over the cans in the creel of the machine. Continue Reading


Asbestos Fiber | Miniral Fiber

Asbestos Fiber

What is Asbestos Fiber?

Asbestos fiber is the fibrous form of calcium and iron and other several minerals and hydrous silicates of magnesium. Asbestos fibers can be molded or woven into various fabrics. Due to its nonflammable and a poor heat conductor, asbestos has been widely used to make fireproof such as hot-water piping. Continue Reading